Good Work Foundation Produces Covid-19 Video in 6 South African Languages

We are proud to say that our non-profit partner, Good Work Foundation (GWF), has produced a Covid-19 animated infographic that is available in six languages: isiZulu, English, Sepedi, Xitsonga, Siswati and

There are 11 official languages in South Africa and while English is understood in our largest cities, there are still many people in outlying areas who speak little, if any, English.

At our property in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the majority of people come from neighbouring communities where the beautiful Xitsonga language is spoken. It is the first language to about 4,5% of South Africans.

GWF is an education non-profit specialising in digital learning for people living in the rural villages and communities that we partner with. Their programmes reach over 10,000 children and adults in our region, delivering everything from programming and robotics, to IT networking and hospitality training.

Thanks to the many guests who visit us to view our exquisite wildlife, we are able to support the work of GWF. In the midst of this unforeseen global event, thank you for helping us to protect the people who in turn protect the land under wildlife.

Click here to navigate to GWF’s YouTube channel where you can find the video in all six languages, or watch it in English below.

Inkomu Swinene. Thank you very much.

Today we witnessed an epic battle on a small scale #morethanthebig5

Today we witnessed an epic battle on a small scale. A Giant Land Snail being attacked by a Peaceful Giant Ground Beetle larvae.Contrary to the beetles name the snail was bombarded with constant vicious attacks.
The snails only defense was to use its mass and attempt to push the beetle larvae off with it’s shell. The tenacious beetle would then burrow under the shell to get to the gastropods fleshy body.

We left the battle in a relative stale mate with the snail retracted and the Beetle larvae still attached. #armchairsafaris #purenature #morethanthebig5