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Inyati supporter of SSW Rhino Protection Helicopter Programme

Inyati has always been a supporter of the SSW rhino protection program and can boast that we are the largest donor of the total cost of the helicopter program.


Returning to change by Matthew Brennan

I was on my way back from leave. It was the last day of September and close on a month into spring. When I left it was still winter but on this day it was warm into the evening as we expect down in the Lowveld. I therefore had my windows up and my aircon on. Until I reached the entrance into this great … Read More Returning to change by Matthew Brennan

+ rhino reflection

If Rhinos Go Extinct

Ranger Diaries – Khaki Fever

Khimbini Hlongwane from Inyati Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand was captivated by animals from an early age. “Growing up in a village in the eastern Transvaal (now Mpumalanga) got me exposed to wildlife from a young age and I was fascinated by the behaviours of various animals,” he says. “I loved being out there with brothers herding cattle and goats while interacting with … Read More Ranger Diaries – Khaki Fever

+ Rhino Dog Deployed

Rhino Dog Deployed in Sabi Sand Reserve

Sponsored by The Dis-Chem Foundation via Jacaranda’s Purple Rhino Project, Bobby Rhino Dog – a Springer Spaniel – has been successfully deployed in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin. Bobby was trained by the MECHEM Dog Unit and is a detection dog, able to sniff out both rhino horn as well as ammunitions. This combination of scent imprinting is new –  traditionally dogs are trained as … Read More Rhino Dog Deployed in Sabi Sand Reserve

+ Dayone male leopard

Nsunguti / January – 2013 Wildlife Journal

The weather: We had some good rains again this January, dropping a drenching 170mm in 1 day. Most of the rains came in the form of afternoon thundershowers. We experienced another flood this year. The Sand river has been transformed into a mighty torrent of water and many of the smaller drainage lines were not crossable .The area is really looking very green and … Read More Nsunguti / January – 2013 Wildlife Journal

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