Safety with lions on safari – Written by: Onne Vegter

Misguided and hysterical reporting about the dangers of going on safari does incredible damage to tourism and, by extension, to wildlife conservation as so much of Africa’s conservation effort depends on income from tourism. African safaris have an excellent safety record and millions of people visit Africa every year to go on safari. As long as tourists obey the rules of the park they are visiting, it is absolutely safe to go on an open vehicle safari.

August Safari Journal2013


The weather:  August is the month on the cusp between our winter and spring, where the evenings are cool, chilly even and the days varying between warm, to almost hot even and other days with coolness borne on the southerly wind.                       Wildlife: The wildlife viewing has been of an excellent standard this month. Warmer afternoons …

Khotavuxika / June 2013 Safari Journal


Khotavuxika / June 2013The weather: The last of the rains has fallen and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful shades of orange and red and covering the ground below them. We have had the most glorious weather during June and we are still waiting for a really cold snap to arrive. Although there is …

[Photo] Lion: The King of the Jungle

Wildlife TV

Today we were lucky enough to spot a beautiful male lion (Panthera leo) wandering around on his own.

He was limping and a bit nervous probably due to the vulnerability of his condition but still looked quite magnificent with his dark mane and piercing eyes.

Check out a few of the photos I managed to get from this encounter.


Male Lion (Panthera leo), the king of the jungle, wandering around the savannah


Male Lion (Panthera leo), the king of the jungle, wandering around the savannah


Male Lion (Panthera leo), the king of the jungle, wandering around the savannah


Até à próxima!


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May 2013 Safari Journal

Meercat leopard!!

The weather: We can feel the early morning chill as winter is creeping in the back door. The afternoon thunderstorms that were so frequent last month seem to have rumbled and grumbled off elsewhere and we have enjoyed very welcoming blue skies and the warmth of the African sun.   Wildlife: Wildlife sightings as usual …

April 2013 Safari Journal

Hlabankunzi and cub

The weather:  April is the month of transformation in the Sabi Sand Reserve - straddling the cusp between the wet and the dry seasons at Inyati. Winter is rolling in at a rapid rate throughout the province, a weather change that brings beautiful developments on our paradise. There is a definite chill in the air …

March 2013 Safari Journal

The weather: The last rumbles of thunder have faded into the distance and the flickering lightning is finally stilled. Summer is ending and the cool breath of the tropical winter touches us. It ruffles the surface of the water and shakes leaves which are already turning gold. The afternoon showers provided a refreshing relief from …

N’wendzamhala – December 2012 Wildlife Journal

The weather: Nwendzamhala is Shangaan word for December it translates to “the visits of impalas”.  During this month life seems to explode in this part of the world. We have had a good amount of rainfall, interspersed with sunny days, creating that characteristically crisp, clear air that adds an edge of brightness to our world. The …

Selati male lions – Sabi Sand Wildtuin

The Selati Males are a coalition of four lions born into the Southern Pride in 2007 and 2008 and sired by the Golf Course males. For anybody who spends a considerable length of time in an ecosystem such as the Sabi Sand, it is always fascinating to witness the constant state of flux in the …

Mhawuri : August 2012 Wildlife Journal

It appeared as if summer had arrived early, the cold weather has left us. As is often the case, August was a windy month with steady breezes cooling things down. The local tribe, Shangaans named the month of August “Mhawuri” – the month of strong winds. They also believe that if the wind doesn’t blow …

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