Elephantastic view @ Inyati

August Safari Journal2013


The weather:  August is the month on the cusp between our winter and spring, where the evenings are cool, chilly even and the days varying between warm, to almost hot even and other days with coolness borne on the southerly wind.                       Wildlife: The wildlife viewing has been of an excellent standard this month. Warmer afternoons …

Khotavuxika / June 2013 Safari Journal


Khotavuxika / June 2013The weather: The last of the rains has fallen and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful shades of orange and red and covering the ground below them. We have had the most glorious weather during June and we are still waiting for a really cold snap to arrive. Although there is …

N’wendzamhala – December 2012 Wildlife Journal

The weather: Nwendzamhala is Shangaan word for December it translates to “the visits of impalas”.  During this month life seems to explode in this part of the world. We have had a good amount of rainfall, interspersed with sunny days, creating that characteristically crisp, clear air that adds an edge of brightness to our world. The …

A mother’s devotion – Keith Jenkinson

Elephant in Camp

On the morning of the 21st of January 2013 the sand river was still flowing with gusto after a downpour of 233mm of rain, Obed Mkhabele the renowned Inyati waiter noticed an elephant calf washing down the Sand river. He also noticed a large elephant cow swimming after her calf. His excited screams summoned all …

The heavyweights had a duel last week in the Sand River.

The heavyweights had a duel last week. The lighter of the two having to make a hasty retreat even with the advantage of its "home" habitat

Mawuwani : July 2012 Wildlife Journal

Dayone male

In July, we experienced typical lowveld (Mpumalanga) winter conditions. The mornings and evenings were chilly, averaging around 5° Celsius and then warming up to 30° Celsius by midday. The 'bush babies' or hot water bottles have remained popular with guests clutching onto them during the cold mornings. One of the highlights for the winter months …

Nyenyankulu: March 2012 – (End of an era) Wildlife Journal

The weather this month was perfect. The afternoon showers provided a refreshing relief from the warm days and cleared the air to reveal stunning blue skies. The hint of cloud remaining on the skyline provided us with the backdrop for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The clear skies allowed the stars to be enjoyed as …

December December 2011 Wildlife Journal

Elephant (Loxodonta africana

Wildlife Journal December 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane.

Wildlife Journal September 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane

The month of September heralds the change of seasons at Inyati Game Reserve. It is a month of many colours, tones and shades. The ground offers up a tapestried carpet of autumnally coloured fallen leaves, with swathes of tiny purple flowers of the Bolusanthus speciosus trees, bright yellows of the Acacia nigrescens flowers and the …

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