For the love of Africa, don’t cancel, postpone your travel

“We know that you might not be able to be here with us, so in an effort to keep you connected to our amazing wildlife, we'll be sharing some of our sightings with you. We hope that our #ArmchairSafaris bring a smile to your face at this difficult time! 😊”  

Inyati prides itself in our guiding team!

The Inyati game rangers and tracking team

Our highly trained and experienced guides with their trackers ensure that your safari experience ranks amongst the finest in Africa. At Inyati, you can look forward to fantastic close-up experiences with Africa's wildlife on every game drive. #inyatisafari

Richard Branson: Rhino poaching can be crushed

Richard Branson: Rhino poaching can be crushed. RICHARD BRANSON:  Africa’s rhinos are facing a real crisis.  In 2012, 660 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone.  Some lose their horns whilst still alive, only to later die from the wounds. Rhino horn is used in traditional Asian medicine for a range of ailments.  In the …

Newest Rhino Poaching Stats

May 2013 Safari Journal

Meercat leopard!!

The weather: We can feel the early morning chill as winter is creeping in the back door. The afternoon thunderstorms that were so frequent last month seem to have rumbled and grumbled off elsewhere and we have enjoyed very welcoming blue skies and the warmth of the African sun.   Wildlife: Wildlife sightings as usual …

April 2013 Safari Journal

Hlabankunzi and cub

The weather:  April is the month of transformation in the Sabi Sand Reserve - straddling the cusp between the wet and the dry seasons at Inyati. Winter is rolling in at a rapid rate throughout the province, a weather change that brings beautiful developments on our paradise. There is a definite chill in the air …

February 2013 Safari Journal

Othawa Pride

The weather: Nyenyenyani / February in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve has been a month of sudden showers and spectacular sunsets, of stalking lions and stealthy leopards.  Early mornings are concealed by heavy drapes of rolling mist, which gradually unfurl to reveal magical apparitions of silver cobwebs, crystal drenched grasses, dazzling zebra …

South Africa and Vietnam Working Together To Campaign For Rhino Protection

    In a groundbreaking move to halt the relentless poaching of Rhinos, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has partnered with Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), a Vietnamese non-profit NGO, to develop a hard hitting rhino protection campaign for countries where rhino horn is in great demand, starting with Vietnam. Said Rynette Coetzee, Project …

N’wendzamhala – December 2012 Wildlife Journal

The weather: Nwendzamhala is Shangaan word for December it translates to “the visits of impalas”.  During this month life seems to explode in this part of the world. We have had a good amount of rainfall, interspersed with sunny days, creating that characteristically crisp, clear air that adds an edge of brightness to our world. The …

Nhlangula – October 2012 Wildlife Journal

Leopard patrolling the lodge

The weather: We have had an amazing October at Inyati - we experienced a lot of really warm days with temperatures reaching highs of 39° C but we also had a few thunder showers which have caused the vegetation to explode into summer bloom, with many trees sharing their colourful and fragrant flowers with us. …

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