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RhinoWarriors visit Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary

A few of the Rhinowarriors were privileged to visit Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. In short the sanctuary cares for calves that have been orphaned by savage poaching attacks.
Many of these calves bare the physical and mental scars of the incidents that left them orphaned, but the good people of Care for Wild have created a safe environment for rehabilitation and release into safe reserves in future.
Please help us support their cause and gi

ve these beautiful animals a chance at survival. Care For Wild relies on donations and sponsors to keep the Sanctuary afloat. Every penny is dedicated to security, and health of the orphans. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary

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Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve Earns 2017 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

Inyati Game Lodge, Earns 2017 TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence

SABI SAND RESERVE, MPUMALANGA, SOUTH AFRICA – 22nd June 2017 Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its seventh year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses that have earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, restaurants and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience.

“Being awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence seven years in a row and inducted into the 2015 ‘Hall of Fame’ is a true source of pride for the entire team at Inyati Game Lodge and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor,” said Leighanne Dawkins, Marketing Manager at Inyati Game Lodge “There is no greater seal of approval than being recognised by one’s guests. With the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews, the accolade is a remarkable vote of confidence to our business and our continued commitment to excellence.”

“TripAdvisor is excited to announce the recipients of the 2017 Certificate of Excellence, which celebrates hospitality businesses that have consistently received strong praise and ratings from travellers”, said Heather Leisman, Vice President of Industry Marketing, TripAdvisor. “This recognition allows us to publicly honour businesses that are actively engaging with customers and using feedback to help travellers identify and confidently book the right property at the right price.”

The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.


The bush after the rains and what to expect by Matthew Brennan

Lion safariThe rains came around mid-January and by the end of the season we had about 400 mm all in all. What is interesting is the seemingly persistent shift towards late summer rains. The rains brought growth of vegetation and alleviated the drought conditions for the herbivores. The buffaloes especially have made a remarkable recovery and even towards the end of the season we started to see new calves coming through. The impalas did well as always although I’m sure statistically the last few years have not been their best. The remarkable thing about the bush recovering is that it went and is going through a universal emergence of pioneers, some of which might not have been seen for decades. All the pioneer grasses have made walking safaris a challenge as they use us to spread their seeds on their behalf. A pioneer species is a plant that grows in a disturbed area, it is characterized by small leaves and lots of seeds. Pioneers tend to lack nutrition as their function is bush recovery, so even though the bush looks good the biomass and species indicators might suggest another harsh winter up ahead.Inyati

This is good news for the lions as the Madjingilane Male coalition lost the fourth member to long term injuries and age. The other three males are starting to show signs of aging now. Most have lost teeth and canines that are turning black with age. Their spines are becoming visible when they haven’t eaten for a few days. What is working in their favour is that there is a lack of competition coming from the east. The harsh winter will hopefully keep these guys around another 5 or 6 months to help the young othawa female come of age before new males come into the area, if she makes it to adulthood she will be a miracle. The young Othawa male should be ousted soon and he will be displaced or killed, being on his own is not in his favour. This time is really important because the Othawas as a pride can’t really afford to start again to many times as the females are getting on in age. The three young cubs have an outside chance but they require the remaining three males to stick around for a few a couple of years which I can’t see happening.

The Mhangene Pride have been following our herds of buffalo of late and have been keeping in the south for extended periods of time. What is cool about this pride is that the core is four adult females and they have nine male cubs of varying ages. The oldest looks to be about 18-20 months and the youngest looks close to 9 or 10 months. The more time these young males get the stronger they will get. It will be hard to displace 9 males and they might be the next big coalition. A lot has to go right for them though and we can expect some of the males to die on the way to adulthood. So when the herbivores take strain then the predators do better, by this statement then the lions seem to be set for slow steady growth, this could always change at any moment as a new coalition could arrive from the heart of kruger at any time!

Xhikavi is still looking after Mondzo and their relationship is starting to imitate that of cuckoos and its host, whereby the cuckoo chick is often much larger its host parent. Mondzo has been seen making kills but he prefers to take the offerings of his mother. We even had a sighting where Basile had happened upon him and was bullying him a bit. His position will change when he starts to find females attractive and Dewane will ask him to go. It has become apparent though that Dewane wants to mate with Xhikavi again. This is the beginning of the end for Mondzo, it will be nice to see where he ends up when he eventually settles, realistically though we should lose contact with him. It’s a real pity because it isn’t every day you have a leopard with blue eyes.

ScotiaBoth Schotia and Boulders have cubs. Schotia has a little female and no one has seen boulders cubs just her suckle marks. We are sure Boulder’s is denning in Bruce’s Koppie which is inaccessible to vehicles. Basile and Khokovela are both doing well as is Tlangisa and her female cub. Dewane has still been the primary male but he has often given way to Ravenscourt and Nyeleti has been seen more and more. I haven’t heard from or seen Torchwood in a while either.

CubsWith winter approaching these predators should do better, the cubs have more food and surviving is easier. The increased lions might mean we do not get the wild dogs denning this year, despite them being around quite frequently hunting all our impala. They tend to choose areas that have low lion density areas, with the lions being their main predator in the wild. Everything works in cycles, the more lions you have the less other predators and vice versa. So it has been really nice having cheetahs and wild dogs but as the lions get more prolific we can be sure our other predators numbers will drop. The viewing will be amazing this winter and we should see loads of predator activity, so if you are thinking of safari then now is the time!

Xhikavi arriving for an early morning check inRegards, THE INYATI TEAM

Keith & Francis – Managers
George , Solly, Matthew , Darren , Omega, Nelson , Joel & Rodger

This month’s bush tales is compiled by Matthew Brennan. *Photographs by Keith and Matthew


Running for Rhinos – Rhino Warrior race

Running for Rhino's-Field Guides, conservationists and managers of the Sabi Sand, spend their every day protecting, conserving and imparting knowledge about the majestic Rhino species.

Now they are running for them as well!

In partnership with the Sabi Sand Wildtuin Nature Conservation Trust and its saving Rhino Project, our warriors are taking part in the upcoming Toyota Warrior Race. #warrior4

The objective is to raise awareness about the plight our rhinos, to raise funds to aid in protecting them and to have one hell of a fun time!

By supporting this initiative you can assist the Sabi Sand to sustain and improve their successful anti poaching model.

4 days to go until the big race… watch our warriors hard at work! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us so far  Anyone else wanting to donate, you can do so here:

27 – 28 May #Warrior4 – Kwanyoni Nelspruit Mpumalanga


A campaign by Sabi Sand Wildtuin Nature Conservation Trust

Rhino Warriors in raising funds for rhino conservation in the Sabi Sand reserve

With our teams racking up their training hours and working hard to get fit for the big race, one of our Rhino Warriors took some of his team mates out into the bush to track rhino on foot, to remind them what it is all about…Watch them track and find a rhino and please help us save these magnificent creatures!

Inyati prides itself in our guiding team!

The Inyati game rangers and tracking team

Our guides and trackers are highly trained and deeply committed to conserving the Sabi Sand Wildtuin and revealing its secrets. Learn more about this talented team:

Simon George

George Hlongwane

Georgie is a living legend in the reserve. He was born on the property and as a result started honing his bush craft skills as a toddler. George is still living and working on the reserve with his family. Tracking and anticipating animal movements and behaviour is second nature to George and his guests are guaranteed to be where action is taking place.


Keith Jenkinson

Keith studied to become a conservationist and moved to the Kruger Park after qualifying, here he fell in love with guiding and furthered his career as a field Guide. Keith loves tracking big game, and all the small wonders the Sabi Sand has to offer.

Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan

After qualifying Matt cut his teeth in a walking concession in the Kruger Park, this sparked his passion for Guiding on foot. Matt enjoys safe responsible interactions with big game and has an intricate knowledge of everything from big game to insects.

Omega Godi

Omega Godi

Like most of the best guides Omega started his career as a tracker. This moulded his understanding of the animals he lives and works with. Omega quickly moved through the ranks and is now a trails Guide at Inyati. Omega brings a huge amount of energy to the team with a larger than life bubbly personality.

Darren Muller

Darren Muller

Darren has a lot of experience guiding in the Sabi Sand, and has now found his niche. His passion for wildlife and his guest is always evident as he goes the extra mile. His humble nature, brimming smile and bush lore keep his guest enthralled on game drives and walks.

INY George & Solly

(George and Solly) – Solly Sibuyi (right)

Solly is one of the most respected trackers in the reserve. His immense trailing talent is evident in his relaxed yet confident approach to tracking. He is one of a handful of trackers that managed full marks on his first ever tracking assessment and has been growing even stronger since.

Inyati safari Nelson

Nelson Valoi


Nelson has over 30 year tracking experience at Inyati and has an intricate knowledge of the land, and knows most of the animal’s individual habits. His local knowledge, tracking skill, sparkling personality and work ethic make him privilege to be with.

Roger Hlongwane

Roger Hlongwane


Roger is one of the most multi skilled trackers in the team. He has strong tracking and hospitality background and treats every guest like gold. He tracking skills and passion for the bush enthral every guest that he guides.

Joel Mkabele

Joel Mkhabela


Joel has been with Inyati for almost twenty years he has a quiet calm demeanour that suits his profession perfectly. He loves every aspect of the bush but tracking and spending time with guests are his firm favourites.

Clif Ndlovu

Cliff Ndlovu


Cliff came to Inyati after finishing top of his class at the Tracker Academy. His tracking skill meant that he slotted into this experiences team very well and his fresh and youthful perspective motivates the old salts to stay on their game.

The bush revived by Matt

big-skiesAt its worst the drought left the bush barren of life. Mother Nature herself wanted us to see the value of water and the suffering that happens when it doesn’t fall. Mercifully though one afternoon a giant cumulonimbus cloud rolled up from the south, bringing with it a light show of thunder and lightning, tempestuous winds whirled and whipped the dust bowl and finally a light sprinkling of the most precious fluid on earth. This auspicious start has compounded over the rainy season, and as I write this we have had non-stop rain for five days. The revival has been astounding, the browns, greys and whites have all but faded and the greens have taken over. The soil left an open canvas by the drought has been painted by the pioneering wild flowers and grasses, the insects that follow cycles and held on through the drought then went about making enough offspring to fertilise all the wonderful plants.

othawa cubsTraditionally predators do better in the dryer seasons as the herbivores lose condition, but with three new Othawa cubs and two cubs for Tlangisa it appears that the cats do well no matter what the conditions are. tlangisas-2nd-babyXhikavi’s adult offspring is still hanging around his mom almost two years into his life, Dewane seems to like him more than his mom does. His name is Mondzo and he really is a beautiful leopard and even has blue eyes. Ravenscourt has been pushing further and further into Dewane’s territory. Schotia had cubs several months ago but she hasn’t brought them out for inspection yet. Torchwood took some heavy beatings of late and has faded a bit into obscurity as he licks his wounds.

mondzo #leopardWith the dams filling up nicely and the river flooding regularly I think we will sail through the next winter and while it will take a few years for the smaller animal populations to recover, the drought is truly behind us.

glorious-waterThat’s all from Matt for this month. We thank you for spending few moments with us in the wilderness, sharing our experiences and joining our adventures. We are committed to keep you updated. Please follow our Facebook page for daily updates.

tlangisa-never-disappointsRegards, THE INYATI TEAM

Keith & Francis – Managers
George , Solly, Khimbini , Matthew , Nelson  ,Omega  & Rodger

This month’s sightings report compiled by Matthew Brennan. *Photographs by Keith and Matthew

Inyati – Winner of the Wildlife Encounters category : Lilizela Tourism Awards 2016

Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve – Winner of the Wildlife Encounters category @ the Provincial Lilizela Tourism Awards 2016 – Mpumalanga.

“Being awarded the 2016 Lilizela Tourism Award for the Visitor Experience category – Wildlife Encounters in ‪#‎Mpumalanga for a third year in a row is a true source of pride for the entire team at Inyati Game Lodge ,” said Leighanne Dawkins, Marketing Manager at Inyati Game Lodge. “We are proud of our knowledgeable and passionate safari guides who are experts out in the field, and are the finishing touch to the fine quality of the Inyati safari experience.”

Billed to recognise only the best in the South African tourism industry, the Lilizela Tourism Awards aim to recognise and reward the highest levels of excellence in the tourism value chain. They are the ultimate reward for entrepreneurial and service excellence that sets global benchmark standards.

The National Winners will be announced at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on 16th of October 2016.Winner of the Wildlife Encounters 2016.jpg

Inyati staff receive their annual dividend from the Inyati share scheme.

AGM 2016In 2011, Inyati Private Game Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve issued over 12 000 phantom shares, equivalent to five percent of the company, to its employees in a bid to reward staff loyalty and retain employee talent.

In 2016 the staff have now received their 3rd dividend pay-out.

“Our staff play an important role in the success of the lodge and we look forward to sharing future growth with them”. says Carlos Dos Santos, Director of Inyati.

Inyati is set within the Sabi Sand Reserve, adjacent to the world-renowned Kruger National Park. The lodge is situated on the banks of the Sand River allowing for fantastic game viewing from the lodge. Home to the ‘Big Five’ (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo), as well as cheetah, wild dog and hundreds of other species of animals, birds and plants indigenous to the area. Our highly trained and experienced guides and trackers ensure that your safari experience ranks amongst the best in Africa.

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