Running for Rhinos – Rhino Warrior race

Running for Rhino's-Field Guides, conservationists and managers of the Sabi Sand, spend their every day protecting, conserving and imparting knowledge about the majestic Rhino species.

Now they are running for them as well!

In partnership with the Sabi Sand Wildtuin Nature Conservation Trust and its saving Rhino Project, our warriors are taking part in the upcoming Toyota Warrior Race. #warrior4

The objective is to raise awareness about the plight our rhinos, to raise funds to aid in protecting them and to have one hell of a fun time!

By supporting this initiative you can assist the Sabi Sand to sustain and improve their successful anti poaching model.

4 days to go until the big race… watch our warriors hard at work! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us so far  Anyone else wanting to donate, you can do so here:

27 – 28 May #Warrior4 – Kwanyoni Nelspruit Mpumalanga


A campaign by Sabi Sand Wildtuin Nature Conservation Trust

Rhino Warriors in raising funds for rhino conservation in the Sabi Sand reserve
With our teams racking up their training hours and working hard to get fit for the big race, one of our Rhino Warriors took some of his team mates out into the bush to track rhino on foot, to remind them what it is all about…Watch them track and find a rhino and please help us save these magnificent creatures!

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  1. The four members of the Inyati Game Lodge team who are taking part in this challenge are Keith, Francis, Lucas and Matthew . In preparation, they have all been doing a lot of stamina and strength training to make sure that they are physically fit but also mentally prepared for what lies ahead. The main reason this fantastic four have agreed to sign-up to this challenge is to raise awareness about rhino conservation. Protecting rhinos is something that is very close to the hearts of all the Inyati team and many of the other lodges and local communities in the region.


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