Important update: Sabi Sand Conservation Contribution Policy


To our valued partners in travel,

We would like to notify you of the implementation of a ‘Conservation Contribution (CC)’, effective 01 January 2016. All lodges within the Sabi Sand Reserve have jointly and collectively agreed to the introduction of a contribution which will go towards anti-poaching, general conservation and community initiatives within the reserve. These initiatives will be executed and managed by the Sabi Sand Wildtuin Nature Conservation Trust.
The R100.00 per person per night contribution (non-VATable) will either be added to guests’ invoice for accommodation payable prior to arrival, or to their extras account payable on departure from the lodge. Please contact the lodge in question to establish their billing policy.

The contribution will apply to all bookings confirmed from 01 January 2016, and will be allocated towards;
• Security manpower
• Upgraded fences
• Updated gate controls
• Technology and surveillance
• Flying reaction capabilities
• Investigation and prosecution capabilities
• Development projects with our neighbouring communities
• Conservation initiatives for all indigenous flora and fauna found on the reserve, including the re-introduction of species which have previously been indigenous to the region

In light of the devastating effect of poaching on our rhino and elephant populations, and the immediate threat to the long term survival of these species, we trust you will join us in supporting this critically important function within the reserve.

Should you have any queries in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the marketing teams at the supporting lodge/s.

With kind regards

The Sabi Sand Wildtuin

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