Impala jumps into tourist car to escape Cheetahs

Wildlife TV

One of the greatest things to do in South Africa is to go on a wildlife safari. There is something surreal about being able to be a spectator of all the interactions between species, especially predators and prey, while staying in the safety and comfort of a vehicle.

However sometimes unpredictable situations happen like in the case of a group of tourists in the Kruger National Park watching something that we all aspire to watch on a safari, cheetahs chasing a herd of impalas.

The herd was racing and jumping trying to escape the high-speed predators when one of them decided that the best way to do this was to leap inside the open window of a car.

Check out the following sequence of photos and video to find out what happened.


Check out the video to find out what happened to the Impala!

I guess it was a…

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